“Shadows In the Desert”


“Shadows in the Desert,” Pastor Brian’s first book, takes a look at the Old Testament tabernacle through New Testament eyes.


As you study the Old Testament Tabernacle with Pastor Brian Larson, you’ll see some of the most “boring” pages of the Bible come to life. Every aspect of that tabernacle–from its layout, to materials used, to colors, to the sacrifices performed there–are all merely pictures, or shadows, of the reality found in Jesus Christ Himself. Viewed through New Testament eyes, the blueprint God gave Moses for this tent tabernacle can be seen as a Christian’s blueprint for living the abundant life that Jesus promised to believers who would learn to abide in the magnificent presence of God.

“Shadows in the Desert” is available as a Kindle book on Amazon.com for $4.99, and the soft-cover edition is available for $12, which includes shipping. Click here to e-mail us and request information on how to order a copy for yourself.