February 29 2020
Series: Video Blog
Topic: repentance
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The Blessings of Repentance

Pastor: Brian Larson

In his most recent video blog, Pastor Brian Larson taught that the salvation of God is 100 percent based on putting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In this message, Pastor Brian takes a quick look at Acts 20:21 where the Apostle Paul said that his preaching ministry had two parts: 1) repentance toward God, and 2) faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pastor Brian explains the role that repentance plays in that saving faith, and the reason repentance itself is not something to be dreaded, but seen for the blessing that it is to those who humbly and sincerely turn away from the way of this world and its mores, and turn toward the Lord Jesus and acknowledge that His way is the only way to achieve peace with God. If you have questions or comments, Pastor Brian invites you to leave those in the comment section below.

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