True To His Word Radio

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True To His Word Internet Radio provides 24/7 programming featuring the Bible teachings of Pastor Brian Larson and worship music by the Calvary Chapel of Truckee worship team, and selected friends of Calvary Chapel of Truckee.

Pastor Brian Larson chose to name his Bible teaching ministry “True to His Word” for two reasons:

  1. God is, has, and always will be true to His own Word:  the Holy Bible. God has and continues to faithfully keep every promise He has made in it, and will surely fulfill every prophecy yet unfulfilled.
  2. For more than 40 years, it has been Pastor Brian Larson’s passion and commitment to teach and remain true to God’s Word. For as long as God allows him, Pastor Brian plans to continue,  as he likes to say, “Simply teaching the Bible … simply.”

As Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Truckee since 1981, Pastor Brian is more excited than ever before about what God has to say through His inspired Word!

True To His Word Broadcast

True To His Word Program True To His Word is also a half-hour broadcast of Pastor Brian’s teachings that airs at various times on select FM Calvary Chapel Radio Stations including:

  • KCYC 104.7 FM in Yuba City, Calif.
  • KLWG 88.1 FM in Lompoc/San Luis Obispo/Santa Barbara, Calif.
  • K-BOOK 93.3 FM in Reno, Nev.